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Custom wood furniture for home, office, and retail.

Our materials are Northwest sourced

and re-imagined in Seattle, WA.

Reclaim old-growth timbers

The old growth timbers of old barns and buildings still stand proud long after the structures have outlived their usefulness. These timbers have beautiful grains, unique patinas, and color that only Mother Nature could create. Using reclaimed wood helps to preserve our forests.

The wood being use in our projects today comes from

Moran Ship Builders >>

Aloha Lumber Company >>


Renew colors, patinas, and grains

We spend countless hours sanding and shaping the reclaimed wood to unlock its unique colors, grains and story. Hand forged steel supports each piece before we finish with a natural seasoning and hand applied protective coat.

Our process >>

Reimagined purpose

We create thick planks for our table tops, 1.75" thick, that cannot be purchased from a typical import furniture store. The beautiful grains and color of old, reclaimed beams and timbers, painstakingly preserved to create one-of-a-kind center pieces for your home that will last for generations.

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Customer Feedback

From the moment we walked in until the moment we left with our beautiful, 10 person table, our experience was wonderful. My husband and I loved the sturdiness, attention to detail, and beautiful quality of wood that they provided but did not think the chairs they had were super comfortable. Several people worked with us and we ended up designing our own chairs. We couldn't be happier. 


Megan G.

Residential Customer

Let's Talk!

I couldn't be happier for my client. I didn't want them to purchase one of those mass produced "rustic" tables that won't hold up for long.  We went with a unique, quality piece of furniture that is made from authentic reclaimed wood. Each piece has a story. Ours is from the wood of bleachers from a 1920's church!

Stacey S.

Interior Designer

 They truly love their jobs and creating unique pieces here. They worked quickly and our table and chairs were built within two weeks. Every person who steps foot inside our house comments on how beautiful our table is.  

Doug G.

Residential Customer

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